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Stik mig…

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  • Hola Marta! Muchos gracias!! Aaand that’s about as much as I remember from 2 years of Spanish in high school. I will make an effort to try and remember to add a few lines in English to my posts, so that my foreign followers will have a chance to understand as well. And you most certainly may – I’m about 179cm:)


  • Hey! Just wanted to tell you that you are a great source of inspiration 🙂 It’s a pitty that you don’t write in english as well, I would really like to understand what you write… can I ask you a question? how tall are you? xx from spain!

  • Raquel Zimmerman er for smuk, dog er jeg ikke så vild med hende i denne serie… Blazeren er tilgengæld rigtig fin! 🙂


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