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In her closet

In her closet

….. det regner i Stockholm, og vejret er så absolut ikke til andet end at ligge på sofaen og gennemtrawle nettet. Så det gør jeg. Og ser lidt serier. Og altså – når nu det skal være så er hende Noot’s garderobe da ikke den værste i verden at sidde og kigge på. Måske lidt for grungy til mig, but still cool! Ville dræbe for hendes Chanel boots. Dang!


It’s pretty rainy and boring in Stockholm, so I’m chilling on the couch with some online surfin’ and found this video of Noot showing her closet. Not bad. And hey – are u English speaking ppl still out there? Or am I translating for.. well.. nobody!?

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  • Ah Veronika – you’re still here! Awesome! I tried translating for a while this winter, but them it seemed like you’d left and I felt stupid translating if nobody was actually reading it. Like “I’m such an important blogger that I have to write in English”, so I stopped. But pls stay. And if I forget to translate at some point, just yell at me. either it’s because I assure myself that you guys will have gotten bored and left or simply because I forget:)

  • still reading your blog as well 🙂 i really do appreciate your English translations :)))

    greeting from Slovakia 🙂 xx

  • Ah, thx guys:) It would just seem a little pretentious if nobody was actually reading it. But it’s nice that you guys are here:)

  • I’m here too.
    Well….at last it’s the 2 of, keep doing it!
    I personally love your blog, (you, your style)…but since it was in swedish i really could not love your entries..because i didn’t understand them:-)



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